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2021 – Setting Intentions (New Year, New Purpose)

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Ever since I learned about assigning a Hero Word at the beginning of a year it’s really changed my life!

Towards the end of a year or the start of the new year (Dec-Jan) I will take time to reflect back on the year I have just had and see how it measured up to my Hero Word.

For instance, last year, my word for the year was “Integrity“. After a very chaotic year, personally, I chose the word INTEGRITY in order to get my inner house back in order. It was my way of getting back to basics in terms of personal values, how I prioritize my time and personal routines. I knew I had to get myself in order if I was going to be successful at keeping my marriage, home, work and relationships in order.

So, how did I do? I think I stuck to my Hero Word pretty well! In times of difficulty or stress I reminded myself of my word for the year and was able to redirect my energy or approach to the situation in alignment with my values or routines. For a year that was full of uncertainty and anxiety around our business, livelihood – and in one instance even our marriage and parenting – I am really thankful I had this word covering my year because it helped me implement daily and and periodical temperature checks – so when I had those nail-biter moments it wasn’t as major because I had built up healthy mindset systems and daily habits to allow for emotional and spiritual breathing and a quicker bounce-back.

Grow & Glow | 2021 ONE WORD
Rebirth – Reset – Redeem

My word over this year is the phrase “Graves into Gardens“. All through the month of January I plugged into prayer and worship and this song by Elevation Worship kept hitting my spirit over and over again. After the year we’ve just had in 2020 and ultimately deciding to start over in Texas, this seems like a very apropos mindset in which to tackle this year.

Sometimes ideas have to die. Sometimes certain ambitions or emotions have to be let go. Bitterness and frustration need to die after you’ve tasted it. Sometimes there are relationships that need to die.

We’ve had to let go of some things that are very important to us in order to have a fresh start. Without some of those dreams dying we would not have had room in our soil to plant new seeds for brighter and new blooms! I am so excited to see what flowers bloom this year and which buds push up for future goals.

Let’s grow & glow together: If you have a special intention or Hero Word for 2021 I’d love to know what it is. If you don’t have one yet I would challenge you to take some time every morning or before bed this week to pray, journal or meditate over it and let me know what comes to you!

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